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We are constructing a Screenplay for an- as yet- Unpublished Movie taking place in Sardinia, Italy during contemporary times.
Stiamo costruendo una sceneggiatura per an- film inedito come ancora-che si terrą in Sardegna, Italia in tempi moderni.

I am proud to be in a Party that recommends that Canadians welcome the treatment of forms of Autism be included in the Canadian Health Care System. Putting kids back in the track of usefulness and productivity is an intervention with heartwarming consequences for our Nation and the families and friends who have stuck with their children as they struggle to make sense of themselves. We bring that with us into the Voting Booth when we seek to bring the Progressive Canadian Party to the floor of Parliament.

We have much good work to do in Brandon/Souris. I studied my way all the way back to Walter Gordon who was the last of the Canadian Nationalist Finance Ministers that Canada produced. The "conservative mind" is what is at stake for Canada and this beautiful mind is capable of recovering what we let consecutive governments put up for sale and lock into legal treaties... much the same way worded Treaties were forced on our Original Canadians. The Progressive Canadian Party's leader, Sinclair Stevens is also in possession of the traditional conservative mindset who wouldn't let himself and other true conservatives get flushed into the wastewater of closed systems and the thin veneer of bank transfer political economics. We hee to honest business because that is the only kind of business this World will allow. Stay tuned for details and our raison d'etre! Have a thoughtful day and vote for us... because a vote for us in this election is a vote for ourselves in Southwest Manitoba.

John Jacobson- Brandon/Souris Constituency

There is a dire need to find a safe and common ground between the world's people. we are just now pulling onto that information highway. Watch out for the Speed Bumps put down to foil us!

Of all the layers of political influences in every country, none is more important than the structure and affiliation of Mayors and their Local Councils. It is here where the citizen and their local representatives stand least separated by divergent political theory and their interface with economic technology. This is where our 'Rubber' meets their 'Road'. Where there is not a position of Mayor, there might be a Reeve, Town Manager, or other designated representatives presiding over a defined rural Civic Area. There should be little or no difference in operations in larger City or Town Councils in the scope of civic contacts in these population geographies.

We need to experience and exchange a complete variety of viewpoints from our households here, around the world.


You cannot see your enemy when you are in their home.