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Sphereminglers Music

Sphereminglers United

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Proposal...Stage One
We should try to establish a central contact/meeting place for Artists and Performers of all kinds in Downtown Brandon. It may also serve as a sharing place for Farmers Market, Food Cooperative, and Community Share Agriculture enthusiasts too.  
This will need support. We need the support of organizations like the Canadian Heritage Committee; to review our objectives and plans- and get behind this project. Let us know how you want to become invovled. I am especially interested in attracting Foundation support to help us enliven the presence of Art, Artists, and Culture to our citizens- just the way professional sports, politics, and entertainment is presented in the Media.  Some will argue that Culture is entertainment.  I hope to be able to show that the glitz and glitter of Entertainment dangerously overshadows and (in that way) diminishes the Arts both in coverage and in depth. And Entertainment itself is a vital component of Culture... but it isn't Culture.

Our Mission

To create a Catchbasin for local people who want to entertain as much as they want to be entertained.

Wood for the Archer, truth for their arrow.


Sphereminglers Music  c/o 535 Ross Avenue Brandon Manitoba Canada  R7A-0B2