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Dot.Connections-The Art of News
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Quite often if not always, news is interconnected. I think it would be good to connect the dots of what's happening on the news in an Artistic manner. News by number, maybe??

Nonetheless, the oilspill off Spain and the Exxon Valdez in Alaska are two identical catastrophes. Marilyn Waring in her NFB video "Who'se Counting" gives a very telling scenario around the Exxon Valdez. Few non-feminists will have seen Ms. Waring's video; and those that have- will likely have forgotten her message about how disasters are 'good for business'. We should start connecting some of the more remote dots to give listeners broader images and more evocative news. 

One of the most important things I learned from teaching Photojournalism is that everything is interconnected.

From Bateman to Batman

Walkmania (enter).

Imagine yourself with 150 people wearing walkmans. Imagine that you have a microphone that is broadcasting to a local radio station. You too are wearing a walkman. Take those 150 people with you on a walk...ANYWHERE! Interview the people with walkmans on as you go. Imagine what they are saying. Imagine what they are doing.

Walkmania (exit).

The History of Now

The Internet, the Intranet, Television, Radio, and Telephones are constant Publishing Mediums. To some, they have given birth to Sixth Columnists... basically people who lie, exaggerate, and manipulate information to keep themselves before their bewildered public.

Unireversal Studios

Ready. Steady. Spaghetti. News will only stick to the wall when it is ready to be digested. We're more at war than we ever were before...we get up-to-the-moment reports and in-depth analysis along with backgrounders- when the pot boils over. Try and make a bridge with cooked spaghetti.

The Art of Facial Information

A wink's as good as a nod to a blind horse.