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Sphereminglers Music

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Sorry...another under construction page. Begun Novembrrr (fifteen below in Brandon) 15th. We'll be up and shining soon. Keep coming by. Thanks for looking in!!!

Anne R. Artist Reporter.

Oar Knot Butte, Manitoba.

Oar Knot Butte is located in mid-sentence. It began as a literary community far inland on Lake Whine-a-peg around what once was Hecla Island. So many of the transplanted Icelandic People used to begin their sentences with "I don't know if you know this or not, but..."
These conversational Gooligans began to be known for their 'or not, buts' so the beleaguered local Gimlinear people decided to give them a place of their own. Thus began Oar Knot Butte. These Icelandic Descendants have been interrupting conversations and platitudes ever since with their supercilious attitude that they know better in all matters.

(example) A left-dressed, right-leaning, fiscal tightwad- one of the morality policeman... Many of our Media's newest adjectives and adverbs lay barren the soundstage. Do you have any examples of descriptor overload? Email us at

Cubing the Spheres:
The problem with our information is that it is cubic data forced into a Spherical World. Everyone knows that length x width x heighth x time are four independent multipliers describing a physical object; All four exerts a powerful influence on us- we have figured that all news should have spacial details of those four dimensions plus an effects dimension...a 5th Dimension if you will. Country music has a powerful role to play in the dissemination of news in our land.  This will be extremely hard on all the Prisoners of Unconscious Convenience and those who they listen to. Email your spherical observations (what goes around comes around) to:
We will acknowledge you!

Sphereminglers Music