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Sphereminglers Music

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Please take the time to express yourself...
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the broken mask flies...

Welcome to Sphereminglers Music!
The aim of this webpage is to advocate for and develop exciting and informative Arts, Music, and Cultural Catchbasins for all the areas of our community. Be sure to read the 'Mission from the Moon' Page and please send your support by way of email encouragement! Arts, Music, and Culture belongs before the public in an upbeat and vibrant way. Let's start coming together between our ears and before our eyes - soon!!!

We are excited that you are visiting our web site. I hope you get some sense of the direction we are pushing for by illustrating and elaborating on the performing and informing Artists in our society.

All art eventually belongs to everyone.
Sphereminglers Music 
535 Ross Avenue Brandon Manitoba Canada R7A0B2
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Mass Acre in the Skies
This is a musical group

The work of a Musician or a Dancer is not performance- it is practice.  Most Musicians I know are not paid to practice. Similarly, the unpaid work of a Writer or a Poet is consistent writing, editing, and re-writing. There is a notion afoot today-especially amongst the money media- that anything free means for nothing. The energy that drives Business People and the Artist are remarkably similar: an incredible amount of chancy and inventive time spent trying to make something of worth.