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The Age-ility Centre

Educators, Trainers, and Healthcare Administrators
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We will probe all the resources of our community to realize our objectives of staying fit for life.

From Brandon's Public Schools through Assiniboine Community College and Brandon University- Programs aimed at Medicine, Fitness, Gerontology, and Physiotherapy could participate on many different levels. The end point visualization for everyone is the making space for- and promoting- physical and mental fitness as our citizens experience the negative affects of aging or premature diseases that seriously affect our abilities of balance, muscle tone, and co-ordination. We shall highlight on this website the startling effects exercise programs have on people on medications schedules for stress-related problems and difficulties. The benefits for our Health Care System and the well-being of our citizens are too obvious and beneficial to go on about.
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Trainers and Life Coaches
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Healthcare Administrators 
If you're an administrator you probably have more skills to write what Age-ility can do for you than I have. Write or e-mail in your ideas! Think about being on our Board.
Systems workout too!