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The Age-ility Centre

About Us... is About You!

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There is a huge difference between 'Age' and 'Old'.

Our Philosophy

... IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION  we need members and a board... please consider joining in!

In order to achieve the simplest of well-being goals we need organization, growth, and support. We cannot progress without our members progressing as well. Support must come from all political points of view, Public Institutions, all Media, and- if and when they can- the Private Sector. Please join us and send your support by telling others about us. We'll all be old one day.

Where to begin? Dream Big- Start Small.
I had made known these ideas and website to the YMCA through CEO Lonnie-He advised me to meet with him sometime early in December 2007- instead of the AGM. We would like to communicate with all the Fitness Resources of Southwestern Manitoba in our drive to exist and perform for our citizens.

I have also asked Kirk De Fazio, the Athletic Director for Brandon University for his input and Dianne Lamb of the Diabetes and Heart Health Promotion department of the Brandon Regional Health Authority... both key contributing components in the formation of an Age-ility Centre for our region of the Province.

I will pass this along to the relevant Press people, the City of Brandon, and to the Provincial Government leadership as well.

One doesn't have to be old to be old. We are starting this project with the sincere desire to let people live better longer... or longer better- whichever way you look at it. This is one of the only predictable ways we can save our National Medicare Programs from financial withering and even dying. The healthier our senior population is, the healthier our nations economy will be. The old ideas of growing old do not apply any more... we have to stop creating holding pens for the undertakers.
So you don't have to be old to join in... I like to think we will all meet here- sometime. The more you know about us now, the more you can add to the spirit of the life we were given.

One goal worth pursuing is to change the concept of Institutionalized care for Seniors. They deserve and need to be experiencing life in a community of all members of society's cultures and age groups.

Illustration: Jogging in the park