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Landfill Barbies
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This picture is part of a larger mosaic of Barbies

The Culture of Beauty and the economic effort to acquire and sustain this type of societal goal has created a phantasmagorical economic indicator. Today the 'Cosmetic Index' is re-writing the groundrules for investment and stability. The industry behind this is complete illusion...yet advanced as solid investments. Go figure? Whos figure are you really using? We went away beyond beauty a long time ago.

Vogue Vultures

We are a culture of vultures.

The Perch of the Purchasers...

Waste Consciousness
Wait Consciousness

Modeling for a Community

The only love we get to keep is the love we give away.  The only garbage we are stuck with is the garbage that doesn't go away.

You wouldn't throw this girl out with the garbage
don't throw yourself out either! Recycle everything.

Have more than a passing elationship with the stuff you throw away. Have a relationship that lasts... the bottle you return touches at least ten more hands than yours... and they get a wage!

Help stop Professional Pollution...Buy something that does't get thrown away!!!

Help eliminate Professional Pollution
A Day in the Life of Brandon's Landfills.

This is captured Nazi Death Camp Cyanide
Cyanide is also used in Gold Mining.

I put the above picture of Nazi Death Cyanide beside this girl to illustrate how we live side-by-side with horrible chemicals.

We need to examine what we throw away and why.