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There are lots of people wondering what they can do to cut down landfill excesses. Univessels- a series of identical bottles the world over- and the refundable deposit represent change as well as employment development. Bottles with no commercial value create enormous difficulties for today's Landfills, but will create an intolerable situation in the future. I believe we need to re-design our consumption such that there will not be any need for landfills in the coming years.

Once we imagined a ship inside a bottle
Imagine now the vessel as the bottle!!!

The Glass Clam/Tomato Jar below is the same volume as the mixed out volume of the Orange Juice. This makes the Jar a recoverable vessel for making up the Orange Juice. We just need to make shrink wrap or easily removed labeling possible to make these products cooperative shelf units. Other concentrated beverages can have the same mix out volume and Presto!-we have delayed some glass from the landfill. All we need is to make the Orange Juice container reuseable and cooperatively designed to be of prolonged service in the kitchen! Think about this. Ask for it.

I have put the clear glass container below to illustrate how attractive it is. I have found that this height and width fits easily into the top shelf and the door shelving of most refrigerators. Glass designers could and would come up with interesting shapes and sizes to keep their products identification before us. If they just keep the volume consisistent with industry arrived at volume standards, we could reduce landfill overloading considerably.

In Alberta every soft drink tin and every wine bottle have refundable deposits assigned them. This puts enormous money into circulation. In Manitoba we do not do this. We charge two cents at the till. What an economic loss!

Frozen Orange Juice Container contents
equals the Tomato Juice Jar volume.

The organization of our kitchens can impact on the organization of our environment.

A Univessels Container will....
be designed to mix out other concentrates

Perhaps you have some packaging ideas that can shrink our trash down to recoverable units? Send them along to me and I'll put them on this webpage. Tell others too!


Contact for UniVessels: JohnPaulJacobson@hotmail.com